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Our Mission

To provide affordable, accurate soil carbon stock audits, based on high-intensity direct sampling, that underpin carbon-buyer confidence in soil carbon sequestration. In turn, this unlocks a wealth of value and finance to support the global transition to regenerative farming and a healthier planet.

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The Importance of High Quality MRV

The transition to regenerative farming relies on accurate measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of changes to Soil Organic Carbon stock (SOC) in order to prove the soil carbon benefits.

However, the measurement of soil carbon is typically hampered by:

▸ high cost of conventional laboratory tests
▸ non-uniformity of sampling and analysis methods
▸ unmet statistical conditions from too few samples
▸ low accuracy and precision across the process

The result is that data sets are often unreliable. For soil carbon sequestration to make valid contributions to carbon accounting claims and carbon credit issuance,  robust measurement is essential.

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Our Founding Story

In 2019, Stewart Arbuckle began an inquiry into measuring soil carbon whilst managing his farm near Dundee. Fortunately for Stewart, one of the world’s leading soil scientists, Dr. Helaina Black, just happened to be his neighbour. Over-the-fence conversations soon turned into a plan…

“I founded Agricarbon to address the desperate need for high-quality ground truthing data for soil carbon. Over the years we have developed the technology that is delivering just that – and in vast quantities” – Stewart Arbuckle.

Stewart, who was testing robotic solutions, met fellow co-founder Annie Leeson. Annie had previously scaled and exited a business and had worked on decarbonization strategies for cities and corporations. With a new focus on high-impact solutions, her primary interest was nature-based climate solutions, with soil carbon at the top of her list.

Annie and Stewart were joined by a third co-founder, Alan Strong in 2021. Alan brought deep expertise in finance, data systems, and a determination to help scale this much-needed climate solution with global impact potential.

With an ideal balance of expertise among our co-founders and a mission that attracts exceptionally talented employees, Agricarbon has become the go-to solution for accurate and trusted measurement of soil carbon stock at a cost and scale that is transformational.

The evidence that we provide underpins carbon-buyer confidence in soil carbon sequestration. In turn, this unlocks a wealth of value and finance to support the global transition to regenerative farming and a healthier planet.

"I believe that restoring organic carbon through regenerative farming is the best route to re-building our planet's soil health. Our next step is to scale our service globally and provide robust measurement that proves the carbon value of regenerative farming around the world."

Stewart Arbuckle, Co-Founder and CTO

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Our Team

  • Administration
  • ASCA Operations
  • Field Operations
  • GIS
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
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There are currently no vacancies being advertised.

Do you think that you are a perfect fit for Agricarbon? If you are committed to working at the cutting edge of agriculture and soil science and feel you have something special to bring to the team, please message us at info@agricarbon.matthewtapp02.co.uk with a CV and cover note to explain how you can help.


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