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Soil is a Climate Solution

When managed correctly, soils form a natural carbon sink and can remove billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – a large-scale, low-cost climate-change solution.

But there’s a catch …

The effects are hidden below ground, which means that they are difficult and costly to measure.

At Agricarbon, we quantify your soil carbon stock with the highest possible scientific integrity but at a low enough cost to deploy at scale.

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Measure the Difference You Make

Measuring soil carbon requires accuracy and consistency across different soil types, farming systems, and geographies.

Methods must follow accepted scientific principles and carbon accounting protocols to qualify soil carbon removals as part of your climate change mitigation.

… it quickly becomes complicated.

We have the necessary expertise, freeing you to focus on your broader sustainability goals.

Our cost-effective and rigorous service has supported many organisations like yours with high-quality soil carbon measurements.

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"Soil is the foundation of our planetary life support system, and organic carbon is the foundation of healthy soil. Measuring soil carbon allows food and farming businesses to attach value to this vital natural resource."

Annie Leeson, Co-Founder and CEO

Annie Leeson - Soil Sampling - Agricarbon - Soil Carbon Measurement - Soil Organic Carbon

Soil Carbon Measurement

We provide direct measurement of soil organic carbon (SOC) and bulk density for hundreds of samples collected from every farm.

Our process follows globally respected scientific protocols for sampling and analysis but uses mechanisation, automation, and economies of scale to do so at an exceptionally low cost per sample. This provides the only cost-effect way to acquire statistically robust quantities and accuracy of measurement data.

We currently operate across the UK and Europe, covering thousands of hectares and analysing thousands of samples every week.

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